German Field Mess Kit

German Field Mess Kit

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German Field Mess Kit

A Lightweight Aluminium reproduction of the original German Field Mess Kit.

Originally designed in 1908, the kidney shaped field mess kit, has served as inspiration for direct copies or variants by many a European Army mess kit.

The German Field Mess Kit were originally designed that a soldier could receive hot food and drink from a field kitchen. However it could also be used by soldiers on combat operations either over a Esbit or similar field stove or even a fire,  if tactically sound.


Large Dixie: 1600ml

Dixie with handle: 600ml

Inner Dixie: 600ml 

Weight: 450gram 

Assembled Size: 160mm Height x155mmx 90mm 

Large Dixie Size: 130mm Height x155x90mm

Dixie with handle Size: 55mm Height x155x90mm

Inner Dixie Size:

Cooking and boiling is speeded up as you can use the smaller dixies as lids. The lids will also keep away flies and dust from your food when in camp.

The large dixie bucket has a handle so it can be either hung directly over flames or can be rotated to a position that the handle is 90 deg. to the dixie keeping it away from the heat source so that it can be moved about. 

The smaller dixie with the handle can slot into the other dixie, creating  a handle whereby both dixies can be carried and used together. 

Aluminum is safe to cook and eat in provided that you avoid cooking highly acidic or alkaline foods. 

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