Put It Out Mini Fire Extinguisher

Put It Out Mini Fire Extinguisher

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Put it out Fire Extinguisher.

The best time to put out a fire is immediately when it starts! 

The Put It Out is perfect to keep at home and very simple to use. 

It really requires no complicated training simply: P.P.P.A.S

  • Pop the Seal.
  • Pop the Cap.
  • Pop the Capsule.
  • SQUEEZE bag and a spray onto fire.

Suitable for: Class A (Textile) and Class B (flammable liquid) fires

Literally it takes seconds to activate and use.

A simple uncomplicated Fire Extinguisher that is easy to store and keep at hand. 

The pouch contains a non toxic liquid distillate, Acetic Acid and a capsule of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate. When the capsule is crushed it mixes with the distillate and then creates carbon dioxide filled foam.

The pouch will then quickly inflate with the gas, and when squeezed it will deliver a stream of foam onto the fire.

Its amazing how much foam is created by the mixing of the capsule and distillate! 

The Put It Out is extremely economical and it is recommended that when giving to staff and family members you buy an extra one to practice with. 

Please Note: The Put It Out Mini Fire Extinguisher is not intended to replace fire extinguishers as required by regulation. However its cost will enable you to keep multiple Put It Out Mini Fire Extinguisher's all around the home, office, garage, workshop and tool shed. 

The Put It Out Mini Fire Extinguisher is fantastic for those who live in low cost housing and  settlement that are regularly decimated by fire, due to knocked over candles and paraffin lamps. In fact the Put It Out Mini Fire Extinguisher was invented specifically to prevent such fires.

  • It is accessible to everybody
  • It is Non-Toxic
  • It is not pressurized and therefore requires no maintenance annually
  • It is simple to use, break seal, open lid, pop capsule, spray onto fire
  • It is compact and easy to store

Proudly invented and made in South Africa by a really good guy! :-) 

Weight: 320 grams


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