AK Micro Dot Rail

AK Micro Dot Rail

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AK Micro Dot Rail

Green Micro Dot Mount- AK Receiver Cover

If you have an AK and need to mount an optic then this is for you. This rail mount comes with a Micro Reflex sight that can be used on it's own or you can mount any other optic of your choice onto the rail.

- AK Micro Dot Mount and Rail Receiver Cover with Green Micro Dot optic (DGAB)
- Replaces existing AK-47 receiver cover. Fits AKM pattern rifles with a stamped receiver (7.62X39, 5.54X39, .223)
- Provides a dedicated Micro Dot mount for installing a Micro Dot directly to your AK with the lowest possible mounting height
- Provides a rail on the receiver cover for mounting a Scope or Reflex optic
- Adjustable front tab and two rear set screws are provided for a secure fit
- Length: 9.4"
- Weight: 205g

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