AnyTone AT588E UHF Mobile Radio

AnyTone AT588E UHF Mobile Radio

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Any Tone AT588 E UHF 400 to 490Mhz

  • 200 Channels
  • ICASA approved for use in South Africa 
  • Size: 145W X 47H X 190L
  • Weight: 1.2kg 
  • Power Output: 45/25/10w (UHF) 
  • Microphone: 20 Button Mic with hanger bracket
  • A compact lightweight Mobile radio that can be mounted in vehicles or used as a base station within a structure 
  • Can be operated from the radio panel or the Mic 
  • Programmable 
  • Operating Temperature range: -10 to 50 Deg. C 
  • Large Heat Sill to keep cool 
  • Compatible with any other radio brand programmed to the same frequency and using the same channels 

Who should use this? Farmers, Security companies, Business, Neighbourhood Watch, Families and Community Policing Forum

UHF is more appropriate if you will be transmitting in an Urban area or in Terrain with thick bush or uneven topography (Hills, Kopjes and Mountains). Range can be extended with repeaters

Performance also dependant on Aerial used and location 

Aerial sold separately 

***Proof of ICASA licence required or can be purchased separately***

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