Bushveldt Axe Guards, 3mm Husqvarna Forester

Bushveldt Axe Guards, 3mm Husqvarna Forester

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Axe Guards, 3mm Husqvarna Forester

Designed to fit around the Shaft of Husqvarna Forest Axe or similar.

Protects the shaft from scuffing and splintering.

Will fit around a shaft roughly 28-29mm Width and  60mm Height. 

Made from 3mm Thick Leather.

Tie off with Paracord (Sold Separately) 

How to use:

  • Wet the leather until it is relatively flexible.
  • Pre-Thread Paracord through the eye holes
  • Fit around the Shaft just behind the Axe head
  • Tighten up Para-Cord and repeat until a tight fit is achieved
  • Tie off the Para-Cord

***The Axe Guard is a protective consumable product and will show wear and tear if struck. Replace as necessary***

 *** Husqvarna Forest Axe for Display purposes only.***

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