Bang Alert Tripwire Device  2.00 All steel construction.

Bang Alert Tripwire Device 2.00 All steel construction.

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Bang Alert Tripwire Device  2.00 All steel construction.

A Tripwire Device that to emits a Loud *Bang!* when tripped

The Noise will alert the Home Owner to intruders and scare the intruders.

At Night or Low Light will emit a Very Large Flash

Uses a 6.8mm/.27 Cal Short Hilti cap

Very safe: Does not launch a projectile

No license required

Low Cost

Set in the garden or outlying buildings

Easy to Arm & Disarm

Trip Wire Length: About 5 Meters

A safety clip is supplied for disarming the Bang Alert

Supplied with 5 Hilti caps, 4 wood screws, Length of tripwire, Safety clip, Pull Ring Backing Plate and Instructions

Upgraded all steel construction

**Upgraded: ALL steel constructions extra rigidity when installed on Uneven Surfaces. Improves reliability**

Robust, Proven South African Design and Manufacture

***Read instructions and Test unit when installing**

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