Calore Multi-Fuel Camp Cook Stove

Calore Multi-Fuel Camp Cook Stove

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Calore Multi-Fuel Camp Cook Stove

The Multi-fuel Camp Cook Stove is Compact, Portable, Light-weight and easy to use anywhere. It is perfect for camping, hiking or travelling

Use with either fuel tablets or wood fuel or charcoal.

You can also simply source your own dry organic fuel such paper, twigs and smaller branches from the environment.

For best results twigs and small branches should be snapped or cut (Side cutters from a multi-tool work great) to about 30mm

Safe to use on a Balcony, Kitchen, Cave, Bushveldtt or Camp. 

Rust Proof: Made from Stainless Steel

Users can expect to get up to 40 minutes of warmth from one load of wood pellets/fuel

Heat and Warming: Stove can be used to heat up Structures, Caves and Tents**

Wind Proof: Unlike many other portable stoves the Multi-fuel Camp Cook Stove is enclosed.

Sturdy and stable: Will accept 125ml thru 4 liter Cups, Pots, Pans and Kettles.

When you are done using the stove and it has cooled,simply pack it up in its padded mesh carry case that measures 135x135x70mm.

Includes 100g of wood pellets and carry case

Total weight of the stove excluding pellets is 400g

Supplied with one pack of wood pellets. 

Spare 100g wood pellets and fuel tablet is sold separately.

How to use: 

  • Add a hand full of pellets or twigs to the Multi-fuel Camp Cook Stove
  • Add 1 burning fuel tablet.
  • Add more fuel as needed.
  • Once it reaches optimum temperature it will 'Gassify"the fuel providing a big flame and lots of heat with no smoke.
  • Only add fuel to the stove when there is an active flame. Do not add fuel onto embers as it will result in a smoke before it catches alight. 
  • Allow the stove to cool before repacking



As with any fire in a confined space be aware of Carbon Dioxide Fumes. 

Stove gets very hot: Ensure that it is stable on a non-flammable surface. 

The flame can get quite high, about 20cm, and can set tents, thatch or curtains etc. alight


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