Hydration Water Sachets 150 ml "Boebie"

Hydration Water Sachets 150 ml "Boebie"

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Hydration Water Sachets 150 ml aka "Boebie"

150 ml of Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water in a tough sachet. (We call it a Boebie :-) ) 

"Boebie's" Sealed with-in 75 micron Outer Plastic Skin

Ration your water, know exactly how much you have consumed and how much remains. This knowledge can be vital depending on your situation. 

No more noise of half filled water bottles with the contents sloshing around. 

Use at Sports events, Races, Bush Patrols, Team Re-supply, Civil Disaster. EDC Bag etc.

Do not litter: Empty Boebie compacts easily and compactly until you can dispose of it correctly. 

6 Pack supplied



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