It’s your stuff.
You’ve worked hard for it. You’ve earned it.
Protecting it makes mores sense that just letting it grow legs and walk.
From Perimeter defense to Signalling and Communications, we’ll continue to bring great products to the Good Guys.


Base Station Radio (9)
Base Station Radio Accessories (10)
Batons (14)
Crowd Control (30)
Hand Held Radios (HHR) (17)
Hand Held Radios (HHR) Accessories (31)
Home Security (20)
Night Vision (12)
Pepper Ball Systems (32)
Pepper Grenades (4)
Pepper Spray (17)
Pepper Spray Alarm (5)
Perimeter Defence (11)
Prisoner Restraints (14)
Protective Equipment (102)
Signalling (23)
Weapon Mounted Lights (11)
Security 1
Security 2