Water Storage

Water: purified and treated needs to be stored correctly properly.

Failure to do so can lead to discomfort or much worse. 

However with the right gear AND knowledge this can be avoided

theQuarterMaster has a range of water purification products for when you are mobile or static.

10 Liter Plastic Jerry Can

R52.00 Ex Tax: R45.22

10 Liter Plastic Jerry Can Single, Tough Plastic Jerry Can specifically designed for holding fuels -..

Spanner 60mm Cap Plastic

R72.00 Ex Tax: R62.61

´╗┐Spanner 60mm Cap Plastic Designed to secure Caps on Plastic Caps Securely  Will work with 60mm..

Water bottle with cover pouch and fire-bucket

R253.00 Ex Tax: R220.00

Water bottle with Cover and pouch.A tough plastic canteen with affixed cap (So you do not lose it)&n..

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