If you’re heading out to Timbuktu or the Kgalagadi, you’re going to have take all your vehicle recovery, water, fuel and food with you.

We have everything you’ll need to make it look like you’ve been doing it forever!


Base Station Radio (9)
Base Station Radio Accessories (10)
Battery Maintenance (8)
Cordage & Tape (52)
Dash Cams (2)
Field and First Aid Kits (70)
Fuel and Water storage (2)
Gear Storage Bags (135)
Hand Held Radios (HHR) (17)
Hand Held Radios (HHR) Accessories (31)
Lighting (74)
Lubrication & waterproofing (26)
Meals-Ready-to-eat (16)
Sand traps (1)
Signalling (23)
Stoves and Heating (58)
Tools (73)
Water treatment (33)
Off Road 1
Off Road 2