Lubrication & waterproofing

If it should move, keep it lubricated. If it should remain dry, waterproof it.

Protect your gear, it's expensive. 

Herschell Silicone Paste 500g

R249.90 Ex Tax: R217.31

Herschell Silicone Paste 500g “SP” Silicone Paste is used for lubricating rubber to wood, metal to ..

Herschell Silicone Spray 300ml

R49.35 Ex Tax: R42.91

Herschell Silicone Spray 300mlHerschell Silicone spray is a aerosol containing silicone which is der..

Moly Powder M5 Super Fine 30gr

R130.20 Ex Tax: R113.22

Moly Powder M5 Super Fine 30grNote this is a 30gram sachetMolybdenum DisulphideMolybdenum Disulphide..

Gun Cleaner Bulk 25L

R956.28 Ex Tax: R831.55

Gun Cleaner Bulk 25LSupplied in large bulk for the cleaning of artillery pieces or similar ordnance...

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