Bleeding and Shock

Staunch bleeding and manage shock quickly

Shock caused by blood loss should be easily treated if you have the correct gear and knowledge.

But it must be on-hand.

Thus giving the professionals more time to arrive or to casevac the patient. 

Critical Wound Bandage

R171.01 Ex Tax: R148.70

Critical Wound Bandage A bandage designed for Rapid application Can be applied with one hand  Self ..

Disposable Skin Stapler

R124.00 Ex Tax: R107.83

Disposable Skin Stapler For single use only Sold in sterile packaging Approximately 40 staples..

Rotation Compression Tourniquet

R259.00 Ex Tax: R225.22

Rotation Compression Tourniquet One, or two-handed application  Velcro and buckle securing system  ..

Tourniquet Rubber Bandage 100mm

R228.00 Ex Tax: R198.26

Tourniquet Rubber Bandage 100mm This rubber bandage tourniquet is a versatile tool to be included in..

Tourniquet Velcro Large

R21.00 Ex Tax: R18.26

Tourniquet Velcro Large This is a ultralight tourniquet that can be easily form part of your EDC. We..

Wound Dressing Pack

R217.01 Ex Tax: R188.70

Wound Dressing Pack The unmedicated, sterilised, low adherent wound pads provide excellent levels of..

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