Perimeter Defence

Be alerted to intruders attempting to breach the perimeter of your campsite or property. 

Create barriers that give you valuable time to react to an intrusion.

Bang Alert Tripwire Device 2.00 All steel construction.

R358.00 Ex Tax: R311.30

Bang Alert Tripwire Device  2.00 All steel construction. A Tripwire Device that to emits a Loud..

C Rings-Fencing Tool Hog Rings (2500pcs)

R482.00 Ex Tax: R419.13

C Rings-Fencing Tool- Hog Rings C Rings fitted to Fencing Tool C-rings 2500 pcs per box Size 20..

Camo Net 3x3m Multicam

R1,294.00 Ex Tax: R1,125.22

Camo Net 3x3m Multicam  Use for shading and concealment whilst camping, hunting, surveillanc..

Sand Bags: Prices Reduced!!

R8.74 Ex Tax: R7.60

Sand Bags: Prices Reduced!! Fortify & harden structures against projectiles, blasts & flood..

Yukon Spotting Scope 30 x 50WA

R2,432.00 Ex Tax: R2,114.78

Yukon Spotting Scope 30 x 50WA The rugged compact body of the scope is Rubber Armored for greater p..

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