Weapon Mounted Lights

The first rule of self defence is identifying your target.

With the correct weapon mounted light (WML) it is possible to easily and quickly identify your target.

theQuarterMaster stocks a range of WML's for hand guns and long-gun.

Holosun 600 Lumen LED Flashlight

R1,538.00 Ex Tax: R1,337.39

Holosun 600 Lumen LED Flashlight For use on Pistols, Carbines and Rifles. LS200 is a High Intensity ..

NexTorch Weapon Mounted Light - WL10X Executor

R942.00 Ex Tax: R819.13

WL10X Executor runs on single CR123A battery, throws 230 lumens and remains a very compact body that..

Nitecore GM02 Picatinni Rail Mount

R337.00 Ex Tax: R293.04

Suitable for: Precise Series, Chameleon Series, SRT7, SRT6, MT25, MT26, MH25..

Nitecore GM03 Adjustable Rifle Mount

R223.00 Ex Tax: R193.91

Nitecore GM03 Adjustable Rifle Mount Adjustable Rifle Mount..

Nitecore GM04 B Shotgun barrel mount

R248.00 Ex Tax: R215.65

Nitecore GM04 B Shotgun barrel mount Shotgun barrel mount Clamps directly onto Shotgun Barrel. ..

Nitecore GM04 Rifle barrel mount

R223.00 Ex Tax: R193.91

 Nitecore GM04  Rifle barrel mount For Rifles that do not have integrated rails. Mount Torches/W..

Quick Release 90 Lumen Flashlight

R544.00 Ex Tax: R473.04

- 1 Watt LED - 90 Lumens Peak Output - Abidextrous Sliding On/Off Switch - Quick Release Weaver Styl..

SureFire: X300 Ultra Weapon Mounted Light

R6,106.99 Ex Tax: R5,310.43

SureFire X300 WML* - Single Output LED Flashlight - - 500 Lumens - - Includes 2X 123A lithium Batter..

SureFire: XC1 Weapon Mounted Light

R6,355.00 Ex Tax: R5,526.09

SureFire XC1 Weapon Mounted Light - Single Output LED Flashlight - - 200 Lumens - - Includes 1X AAA ..

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