Impact batons can cause immediate blunt force  pain that can quickly incapacitate an attacker.

The length of the baton also creates additional distance between an assailant and yourself.

Remember: Training and knowledge of law are as important as the gear you use to defend yourself.

1101 Stun Baton

R197.00 Ex Tax: R171.30

1101 Stun Baton The smaller and easier to carry version of the 1108 model, the perfect less lethal ..

1108 Stun Baton

R393.00 Ex Tax: R341.74

1108 Stun Baton The perfect less lethal tool for security guards, police or home defence, this one ..

800 Stungun Type: Pink

R166.00 Ex Tax: R144.35

800 Stungun Type: Pink  Provides a powerful shock to attacker inflicting pain.  Small en..

801 Stungun Type: Black

R155.00 Ex Tax: R134.78

801 Stungun Type: Black This tool will provide a powerful shock to any attacker that will disorient..

BadgerStick Walking & Fighting Stick: Large

R621.00 Ex Tax: R540.00

Badger Walking & Fighting Stick: Large - - (Also available in Small)  Create space, use as an impa..

BadgerStick: Walking & Fighting Stick: Small

R580.00 Ex Tax: R504.35

Badger Stick Walking & Fighting Stick: Small (Also available in Large)  Create space, use a..

Straight Baton

R41.00 Ex Tax: R35.65

The Straight baton has been used by law enforcement around the world since the mid 1800's for Person..

Telescopic Baton COMPACT

R207.00 Ex Tax: R180.00

The COMPACT telescopic baton measures 165 mm collapsed and with a practiced flick of the wrist exten..

Telescopic Baton LARGE

R354.00 Ex Tax: R307.83

A telescopic baton measuring 245mm collapsed and with a flick of the wrist extends to 650mm. Has a ..

Telescopic Baton MEDIUM

R236.00 Ex Tax: R205.22

A telescopic baton measuring 205mm collapsed and with a practiced flick of the wrist, extends to 525..

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