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16 OZ CO2 Cylinder 16 Ounce CO2 cylinder that will fit on all CO2 compatible paint ball guns and Pe..

16 OZ CO2 Cylinder

R475.24 Ex Tax: R413.25

3X Magnifier with Flip-To-Side MountThis Magnifier can be mounted behind a 1X Reflex optic. You can..

3X Magnifier with Flip-To-Side Mount

R1,651.00 Ex Tax: R1,435.65

 Burn Eaze 3.5ml Sachet (Pack of 10)Designed for emergency on scene first aid of 1st and 2nd De..

Burn Eaze 3.5ml Sachet (Pack of 10)

R48.36 Ex Tax: R42.05

Evergreen Super Band  Insect repelling bracelet that lasts up to 200 hours after seal is broken..

Evergreen Super Band - Pack of 4

R120.75 Ex Tax: R105.00

G17 Pistol 4.5MM Steel BB GunThis is a highly realistic replica of the Glock 19/23 Pistol. It would ..

G17 Pistol 4.5MM Steel BB Gun

R1,641.00 Ex Tax: R1,426.96

Lee Pacesetter Dies - 303 British This die set is for loading ammunition for 303 British chambered ..

Lee Pacesetter Dies - 303 British

R797.00 Ex Tax: R693.04

Tegaderm Film Single Transparent Film Dressing Frame Style.  Size: 6cmX7cm (2 3/8x 2 3/4 In)..

Tegaderm Film Single

R11.50 Ex Tax: R10.00

550 Paracord Reel 100m - Blue & Yellow7 Strand Nylon thread Core in a Nylon Braided Outer Sheath..

550 Paracord Reel 100m - Blue & Yellow

R470.52 Ex Tax: R409.15

Annphia AM9 Monolithic Clip On Hand Gun SilencerWorld First: Advanced Modular Monolithic Clip On Han..

Annphia AM9 Monolithic Clip On Hand Gun Silencer

R8,998.75 Ex Tax: R7,825.00

Ballistic Riot Extinguisher Direct Spray 480GRSometimes, a hand held pepper spray just wont do ..

Ballistic Riot Extinguisher Direct Spray 480GR

R1,042.19 Ex Tax: R906.25

Dummy Shot Gun.Sometimes, it is likely that the dummy shot gun is the smartest object on the range.&..

Dummy Shot Gun

R1,008.84 Ex Tax: R877.25

Flannelette Rolls: Gun Cleaning ClothSomehow the same material that good pajamas are made of, is THE..

Flannelette Rolls (Gun cleaning patches)

R398.75 Ex Tax: R346.74

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