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 9mmP/9mm Luger Taper Crimp Die: 90780Lee 9MM LUGER/38 SUPER/38 ACP/380 AUTO Taper Crimp D..

9mmP/9mm Luger Taper Crimp Die: 90780

R339.67 Ex Tax: R295.37

809 Stun Gun This electronic anti-riot device 809 has the following aspects of an effective breakth..

809 Stun Gun 25 000 000 V

R402.15 Ex Tax: R349.69

CR SECURE MK3 HOLSTER-GLOCK-BP- RHThe Secure Duty Holster has a proven track record of safe operatio..


R668.85 Ex Tax: R581.61

Dromex Nitriflex Gloves Black Size 10Dromex Nitriflex seamless knitted glove is coated on the p..

Dromex Nitriflex Gloves Black Size 10

R57.74 Ex Tax: R50.21

GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON 3.3MM+ 250gramUse for water filtration, other home remedy uses where ..


R16.80 Ex Tax: R14.61

LEE Breech Lock Challenger PressThe "O" frame press by design is the strongest and by far the most p..

LEE Breech Lock Challenger Press

R2,467.90 Ex Tax: R2,146.00

Level III Light Weight HPPE Plate´╗┐High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) is flexible, light and durabl..

Level III Light Weight HPPE Plate

R4,288.19 Ex Tax: R3,728.87

Magnetic Base For VHF, UHF or Dual Band Antennae Place on Roof or Bonnet of Car OR House  ..

Magnetic Base

R543.89 Ex Tax: R472.95

BRASS .223/5.56 S&B: Once FiredOnce fired .223 brass: S&B Head stamp.Stainless Steel Media ..

BRASS .223/5.56 S&B: Once Fired

R4.60 Ex Tax: R4.00

Corona Augur Replacement/Spare Augur for the Corona MillDoes not include Milling Plate or Mill ..

Corona Augur

R230.00 Ex Tax: R200.00

Corona Mill HandleReplacement/Spare Handle for the Corona Mill..

Corona Mill Handle

R172.50 Ex Tax: R150.00

Corona Mill PlateA Spare/Replacement Rotating Mill Plate for the Corona Grain Mill...

Corona Mill Plate

R287.50 Ex Tax: R250.00

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