Bulk Medical Supplies:

Bulk Medical Supplies:

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Bulk Medical Supplies: 

Bulk medical supplies for the home or to stock clinics either at work in the community or in remote locations. 

You would be surprised how much supplies are consumed are used to treat wounds either when changing wound dressing during post operative wound care or treating of open wounds during the initial phase of first aid treatment.

These supplies are useful for swabbing and cleansing of wounds. 

Consists of (Approximate) 

  • Cotton Balls Sterile 2.0g x 445
  • Cleansing Swabs Non Sterile 30mm Plain x10 
  • Tonsil Swabs Sterile 25x38mm 6ply X625
  • Cleansing Swabs non sterile 50mm Plain x 48
  • Gauze Swabs 50x50x8Ply Non Sterile x 9
  • Cotton wool Balls 2.0g. 500g Non Sterile x9
  • Cleansing Swabs Sterile 65mm Plain x 60

Packed in 2 boxes approximate size 450x600x550mm

Weight about 5kg each

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