Holosun Sight HE507C V2Red Reticule/Dot

Holosun Sight HE507C V2Red Reticule/Dot

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Holosun Sight HE507C Red Reticule/Dot

 High quality sights for quick target acquisition and situational awareness.

Green Sight

  • High-Strength Titanium frame housing.
  • Solar Charging
  • Single plane Focus ensure Fast target acquisition as you only need to focus on the reticule as opposed to the front sight whilst attempting to  align the front and rear sight onto the target
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Titanium Hood
  • Precise, quick release that fits onto standard Picatinny or Weaver rails
  • Switchable Reticle among Dot, Circle or Circle Dot
  • Sight is always in an automatic mode that will adjust the illuminated dot regulation depending on the surrounding brightness: Dot is visible when viewing from a darkened area into an area that is lit.
  • The sight can be set to Manual mode in which 12 different brightness settings can be chosen from
  • Automatically adapted brightness progression of the illuminated dot
  • No parallax
  • Shake Awake Sensor
  • Rechargeable Solar Component that allows use without battery
  • Supplied with tools to Zero the sight.
  • Includes Battery Tray
  • Limited Warranty
  • A high Quality CR2032 can power the device 20000 Hours (Dot + Circle) 50000 Hours (Dot)

Specifications and Dimensions:

  • Parallax free observation
  • Dot = 2 M.O.A (Approx 5cm at 100m)
  • Circle = 65 M.O.A (Approx 170cm at 100m) (With 2 M.O.A dot in middle) :
  • Sight Window: 21mmx15mm
  • Magnification 1
  • Aiming Dot Colour: Red
  • Waterproof

Minimum power consumption ensures long battery life.

Battery life dependent on Battery Quality and Charge

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