Flannelette Rolls (Gun cleaning patches)

Flannelette Rolls (Gun cleaning patches)

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Flannelette Rolls: Gun Cleaning Cloth

Somehow the same material that good pajamas are made of, is THE best material for cleaning your firearm; be it a rifle, shotgun, submachine gun or handgun.

Its size and composition make it easy to work with and cut to size. It absorbs cleaning fluids and the gunk that coats the innerworkings of the firearm.

Width: 100mm

Ø: 165mm

Roll Weight. 800 grams

Roll Length: Estimated at 25-30m 

The roll size is perfect for Armoury's and those tasked keeping many firearms clean. 

Useful Tip: To be really cool, save up your old Flannel Gun Cleaning Patches and us them to start a braai. Now that is recycling!

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