Telescopic Baton: Secure Grip

Telescopic Baton: Secure Grip

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Telescopic Baton with tread pattern handle

The COMPACT telescopic baton measures 205mm collapsed and with a quick  flick of the wrist extends to 535mm.

Blunt weapon impact either to the head, rib cage or bone joints are usually guaranteed to inflict immediate debilitating pain and stop an attacker in there tracks.

Has a diameter of  25mm and weighs  grams including a secure pouch.

It has a knurled/treaded body to ensure a secure grip especially in wet conditions or if your hand is slick with perspiration or blood

Ideal as use for EDC (everyday carry), to keep in vehicles or store in the home office and in handbags or pockets.

The base is removable to service the polished steel inserts.

Recommended for Legitimate self defence situations. Improper use will result in you being charged with assault or worse.

As with with all things self defence: Know the law and know how to use the baton: Get training.

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