Ballistic Riot Extinguisher Direct Spray 480GR

Ballistic Riot Extinguisher Direct Spray 480GR

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Ballistic Riot Extinguisher Direct Spray 480GR

Sometimes, a hand held pepper spray just wont do the trick. Perhaps you are faced with an angry mob who want to re-posses your property or simply re-distribute your hard earned possessions.

Assuming that the wind is in your favour then the Ballistic Riot Extinguisher Direct Spray will give you the ability to quickly and easily disperse the mob should the situation warrant it.

If used in conjunction with a Full or Half face respirator (Sold Separately) you will protect yourself from the effects of the Oleoresin Capsicum and enable you to stay in the area longer and dominating the scene. 

Contains 500ml of Oleoresin Capsicum (Not more than 10%) within a pressurised cylinder. The Cylinder has a pressure gauge to indicate internal pressure. A direct spray type nozzle will quickly create a stream of Oleoresin Capsicum, which can be directed at individuals or crowds 

Includes a tamper evident seal, safety pin and bracket to store either in vehicles or buildings.

Store in a cool dry place (Below 50 degrees) to extend operational lifespan.

Shake before use.

It is suggested that one occasionally remove from the bracket and shake the unit to stir up the active ingredient, which over the time can settle out. 

If contaminated with Oleoresin Capsicum, wash out with copious amounts of fresh clean water, remove contaminated clothing and seek medical attention.

Cause burning of eyes, throat as well as sinus passages. Will irritate and burn open skin. Causes coughing and choking.

When using the Ballistic Riot Extinguisher Direct Spray be aware of using in confined spaces, it may cause panic and result stampede. 


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