Infectious Disease Control Kit

Infectious Disease Control Kit

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Infectious Disease Control Kit

It is designed to provide protective clothing for 50 people in the case of a infectious disease outbreak or having to deal with large groups of sick or ill people or in event of disaster where corpses have to be handles. 

This kit comes resealed and ready can be kept next to the office first aid kit so that it is there when you need it.


  • 50 Blue theatre Gowns 
  • 50 hair nets 
  • 50 Plastic Aprons
  • 3 Spray Bottles (Approx 600ml, 400ml and 200ml)
  • 100 Disposable 2 ply face masks
  • 1 liter of High Level Medical Surface Disinfectant
  • 50 pairs of Powder free High Risk Latex Gloves (Size Large)
  • 1 Infectious Control for Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers in the African Setting Handbook (World Health Organisation)**

**The hand book is sold to cover printing costs and is vital in acquiring the practical knowledge of dealing with an Infectious Disease in an African setting.

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