Mexican Beans, Vegetables and Chicken

Mexican Beans, Vegetables and Chicken

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Mexican Beans, Vegetables and Chicken

No Fuss, No Water, Zero Preparation Ready to eat Meal any where any time. Eat Cold or Hot

Ready to Eat Mexican Beans, Vegetables and Chicken.

Individual meal in a flexible retort pouch. 

Less bulk than tinned food.

No tin opener required

Pouch can be opened by hand or cut open with a knife.

One can literally pour the contents of the pouch into ones mouth, no implements needed.

No preparation or water necessary

Eat either hot or cold directly from the pouch

Heat in either a FRH (Flameless Ration Heater), immersing in hot water or heat contents in a pot

Compact size and flexible pouch is convenient for packing and long term storage

2 year shelf life, however will last much longer if stored in a cool environment.

Made in South Africa

***This meal can be consumed on its own but is best served as an accompaniment to the 150g individual meal sold separately.***

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