NiteCore NU05 Headlamp

NiteCore NU05 Headlamp

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NiteCore NU05 Headlamp

 A neat flashing RED/WHITE USB rechargeable headlamp buddy, attach it to anything that moves (Yourself, Your Dog, Your Cycle, Your Kid, Your Wife) and be visible, be safe!

USB Rechargebale.

4 Modes of Operation

Red Light Slow Blink - 4 Lumens - 9 Hour Run Time 

Red Light Fast Blink - 4 Lumens - 9 Hour Run Time 

White Light Slow Blink - 35 Lumens - 2.15 Hours

White Light illumination - 35 Lumens - 1 Hour

1.5 Metre impact resistance.

IP66 Dust and Water Proof

Built in Power indicator 

Includes Bike mount and Elasciticised head Band

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