Bushveldt Smash & Snatch Buckle:

Bushveldt Smash & Snatch Buckle:

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Smash & Snatch Buckle.

Secure your property from a smash and grab attack and theft. 

A simple piece of equipment that will anchor your valuables in your vehicle or whilst at public places. 

In your vehicle: Simply insert the smash buckle into the seat belt buckle. Thread, Lock or Caribiner you laptop or other bags to it. 

In the event of a smash and grab in your bag cannot be taken out of the car due to the restraint attached. 

At Restaurants, Lectures, Conferences, Airports or other public places simply loop the cable thorough an Anchor Point (Chair, Desk or Railing) secure to your bag with the Carabiner or your own padlock/combination lock. 

You are only limited by your imagination as how to use the Smash & Snatch Buckle to anchor your property, whether at home, in the car or in public places whilst travelling. 

 Smash & Snatch Buckle Details:

Stainless Steel Laser Cut Smash Buckle

Buckle Thickness: 3mm

Plastic Coated Wire Rope 3mm Diameter

Wire Rope Length: 1meter

Supplied with two Carabiner's: 50x5mm & 70x6mm

Universal fit: Easy to lock and Quick release from any seat belt buckle

Designed and Made in South Africa By DM.

For added protection it is highly recommended that a combination lock is used to secure the Smash & Snatch Buckle to your property or anchorpoint. (Not supplied) 

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