ZaMa ZaMa Rocket Stove

ZaMa ZaMa Rocket Stove

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ZaMa Zama Rocket Stove

The Rocket Works Zama Zama wood stove is a highly efficient cooking stove, designed to withstand years of regular use.

This small, yet highly effective stove can boil 5 liters of water in 15 minutes using as little as 250-400g of wood and be used for everyday cooking. 

The design allows the constant inflow of air which in turn speeds up combustion of the fuel, which in turn draws in more air, creating a "rocket" effect. 

Multi-fuel capable:  Charcoal or Coal can also be used for fuel.

The Zama Zama provides you with a fast, safe and convenient way to cook while simultaneously protecting your health and the environment.


Made from high quality, heat resistant stainless steel, the outer cage remains cool to the touch even after hours of cooking. Its thermal emissions are the best in its class.

  • Low centre of Gravity. Will not easily be tipped over. 
  • Light and Portable.
  • Easily Cleaned.
  • Can be used indoors, however ensure adequate ventilation, place near a window, under a chimney or a smoker hood.

The ZaMa ZaMa Stove is ideal for the hunting cabin, home use during emergencies, campsites and kitchens in remote locations. 

Height: 26cm

Diameter: 24 cm

Weight: 2.14Kg


  • Potjie Pot Stand (for 3 legged Dutch Oven)(sold Separately) 
  • Pot Skirts Reduces the loss of heat and speeds up cooking, saves fuel.  (Sold Separately)

Manufactured in South Africa 

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