Zartek Com8 Super Pack 2x Radio Set

Zartek Com8 Super Pack 2x Radio Set

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Zartek Com8 Super Pack 2x Radio Set

Super efficient communication over local distances, in shopping mall, factories or for perimeter and home security.

  • A pair of radios with common charging cradles.
  • Low power ensures that transmissions are localised and not liable to be listened into by others.
  • Licence Free. Approved by ICASA
  • Compact size allows Com8 to be carried in shirt pocket.
  • 968 Channels (8x38 + 8x83)
  • Battery Capacity 700 mAh
  • Consist of 2 Radio's
  • Transmitter power: 500mW ERP
  • Frequency band: Simplex UHF 446MHz (Pro8)    446.00625 ~ 446.09375 MHz
  • Range: 500m - 1km indoors: 2-5km outdoor flat: 5-20km elevated line-of-sight terrain dependant. 
  • Weight: 80g (inc. battery)
  • Size (inc.antenna): 131mm (h) x 41mm (w) x 22mm (d)
  • Operating Temp: -20° to + 60° C


Includes Dual Charging Cradle.

Local South African Back Up and Support. 


*****Spare batteries available: Sold separately through******


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