About Us

TheQuarterMaster first started trading in July of 2013 as TacticalQuarterMaster (widely known as TacQM). 

It all began in a small room with unpainted walls, a bit of stock and a great idea. With time the shelves went up and were populated with more stock, both sourced as well as manufactured according to our own designs, and we had to continually add more space to our initial premises. 

As TacticalQuarterMaster, we mainly stocked tactical gear promising “Good Gear for the Good Guys”. Our policy has always been to only sell the stock we physically have on the shelf and that, we believe, makes us who we are. Only when you hold a product in your hand can you guarantee its quality as well as price and delivery time to the customer.

Over the last 6 years we have grown into a true online department store, stocking a wide range of items and realised that we have not only outgrown our physical premises, but our initial idea! Hence, we have decided to re-brand and become TheQuarterMaster – a store-room that supplies all conceivable gear to enjoy the Great South African outdoors as well as items to keep you and your family safe, secure and prepared for any emergency. 

Whilst re-branding, we took time to re-build our online store and open a physical show-room open to all customers needing extra assistance with any of the items we stock. 

Contact us on 011-473-7031 or via WhatsApp on 083-756-7829 (Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00)

TheQuarterMaster. Good Gear for the Good Guys. Delivered worldwide.