Field Suture Pack

Field Suture Pack

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Field Suture Pack 

Suture Pack: For Contingency planning, Clinics, First Aid Kits for Remote Locations, Overland Trips and Adventure Biking.


1 x Bio Hazardous Bag to dispose of the aftermath. 

    5 X Sterile Gauze Swabs 

      1 X 3.0 Blue Monofilament Suture 

        1 X 5.0 Blue Monofilament Suture 

        1 X Disposable Scalpel 

          1 X 10cm Stainless Steel Tweezer

          1 X Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 

          1 X Pair Nitrile Gloves (M) 

          1 X Protection Sheet 

          1 X Gallipot (90ml) 

          1 X 5g Cotton Wool Balls 

          Wound Antiseptic 

          2 X Paper Towel

          1x20ml Syringe

          ***As with all equipment that life may depend upon: Know how to use it, know the Law**

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